This is Chornobyl.

This WWW Site belongs to the people of Chornobyl.

It belongs to the 800,000 clean up workers dispatched from all of the former Soviet republics, who struggled to contain the accident. It belongs to those forced to evacuate from their ancestral homes -- never again to return. It belongs to the children who are ill today -- because no one warned them or their parents of the danger. It belongs to the people still living in contaminated areas, awaiting relocation. It belongs to Ukraine, a government and a people who have struggled for ten years in the midst of political change and economic upheaval to contend with the far reaching ecological, social, medical and financial after effects of this catastrophe.

This is their bridge to the world -- a bridge that they invite you to cross, that you may share their experience.

April 26th was the anniversary of the largest technological catastrophe the world has ever known -- the accident at the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant, in Ukraine.

The Appeal to the World from the Ukrainian Government - Tenth Anniversary Committee .

The Appeal from Chornobyl Union International.

For those not familiar with all the details and timing of the disaster, this chronology and collection of firsthand accounts will provide the background necessary to understand the plight of the people of Chornobyl. Particularly compelling is the tribute to his uncle by Vladimir Dubisskiy, Living on the Edge.

The Chornobyl Union International was and is a people's grass roots movement. See how it was formed.

The people of Chornobyl WILL endure. The spirit that has brought them this far is apparent, especially in the children.

This WWW site is meant as a tribute to those who have suffered so much due to the terrible dissaster, and as a place to offer help and encouragement to those that are still suffering. Please contact us if you have anything to offer. Also, please visit Espoir àTchernobyl, as they are actually helping the children there.

This site was originally produced by the cooperative efforts of the Chornobyl Tenth Anniversary Committee of Ukraine, The Ministry of Chornobyl, Chornobyl Union International and Chornobyl Union USA. It is now maintained by the site owner, and could use new material and new contacts in Ukrain.

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