Chornobyl Union International is an organization formed and run by the clean-up workers and victims themselves -- a million and a half people who refuse to be silent and forgotten. Chornobyl Union has affiliates in all 15 former Soviet Republics which provide daily social services and medical assistance to those in need. There are also eight organizations in the west that assist in the procurement of medicines, equipment and supplies that would be otherwise unavailable.

Appeal to the Parliaments and Governments of the World:

Ten years have passed since the Chornobyl disaster shook the world, but for many years many generations will suffer from this accident. The Chornobyl explosion and fire hurled radioactive materials across Belarus, Russia and Ukraine populated by 6.9 million people. More than 152 thousand people in these countries combined, have not yet been relocated out of the contaminated areas. During the first weeks after the disaster, traces of radiation were detected all over the northern hemisphere. Radioactive fall out was not only detected in the European countries but also as far away as the US, Canada, China and Japan.

A sad fate has befallen the people that took part in the cleanup of the after effects of the Chornobyl accident. Hundreds of thousands of the 800,000 participants of the clean up have died because of the radiation. The disability level of this group of people is 5 to 10 times greater then that of the average population. It is most difficult to witness the effects that radiation has had on children.

In spite of the measures taken by the governments of the former Soviet Union there is little social and legal protection for them. The Chornobyl victims are very grateful to the countries that have given generous support and actively assisted our organization. However, we can not help to realize that the world community has been little disposed to providing consistent and comprehensive support. In many cases assistance is dependent on scientific and statistical data to prove that there is a connection between Chornobyl and health problems, which are not consistent and often unavailable.

Belorus, Russia and Ukraine were directly influenced by the Chornobyl disaster but do not have the financial ability to absorb the costs required without help. A considerable portion of their national budgets are already committed to this purpose. These countries are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to assist the people who suffer as a result of Chornobyl without outside help.

We appeal to the world community. It is our duty to point out that Chornobyl is a long term human disaster of world-wide scope. It is not possible to resolve the problems associated with a catastrophe of this magnitude without international intervention.

Chornobyl Union International hopes that the world community will not be indifferent to the needs of the victims. We hope the world will take the measures necessary for humanity to jointly overcome this extremely difficult and far reaching human tragedy. We believe that our voices will be heard by caring people all over the world, united by genuine human spirit and collective responsibility.

Adopted March 26, 1996 by the Coordinating council of Chornobyl Union International.

Chornobyl Union International
Volodymyr F. Shovkoshytny
Chornobyl Union International
Yuriy B. Andrev
Chornobyl Union International
Alexander M. Korlovich
Chornobyl Union International
Sergey N. Sevechnko
Association of Chornobyl People
Abdookarim A. Islamkhodgaev
Chornobyl Union
Vladimir M. Naumov
Chornobyl People
Oleg V. Kupchinsky
Organization "Antiatominternation"
D. Vladimir Freed
Society of Chornobyl People
Ion G. Russo

Chornobyl Union International asks for your support. Please write to your governments on our behalf and ask them to remember those of us who live with this catastrophe everyday. Ask them to remember our children. Please give us your understanding and your support.

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