Chuck is 32, and is taking a break from school, and putting his computer science knowledge to work. He can sometimes be found on IRC EFNet as _Zaphod_. His interests include: Computers, Video Games, Pinball Machines, Guitar, IRC, Magic - The Gathering, alternative and techno music. He has his own e-mail address, and can be reached at If anyone has a crush on him, do not submit his e-mail to or These sites are e-mail harvesting scams that try to sucker you into putting everyone you know on their list. Please only use legitimate crush sites, such as Pimpin' Cupid. (Or just e-mail him. , he won't tell)

Check this out...

Feeling a little too happy today? Then you need to be exposed to the brutal honesty that is Nine Inch Nails. Or, people who are simply interested in the band may check them out, too...

There is a game in existence that some find comparable to chess in its complexity; a wonderful thing called Magic: The Gathering.

A new craze has been sweeping arcades all across California, and is spreading to the rest of the country. Dance Dance Revolution is it's name, and it is truly amazing.

He tells me that this is the The Best Links Page Ever(TM). What does he know? Sadly it's brokn now.

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