Some of Helen's Poetry

When Helen isn't busy raising children (that includes Chris, by the way) and working, she relaxes by writing poetry and creating artwork. So, sit back and enjoy yourself.....

Your Touch

            so smooth and knowing

a favorite poem beginning

 Ending who-knows-where
  but begun from being together
               long ago.

New truths, places, traits
                              we may discover

    but let none deceive you --

   old lovers are best!


Tiger wakes & stretches

        I hide close by
       make myself small and hidden

He sees me now, yawns and
        Pounces (he'll eat me UP)
              paws and purrs....

                (my chance)

       I wriggle free and
    (splash) cool and deep
           'neath the sheets

Jungle Rhythm

          I touch your wrist
      to feel your heart beat, yes
   then squeeze to find my pulsing
       is it me
     or us together

Our Space

Beside me
       you eye the sky and trees
     and we are alone together

Someone asks me.....
        I answer the way you would.

    Doing a chore I hate
                                it doesn't exist
         thinking of you

Unlikely Times

Sitting among my unsorted papers
     or the dinner half-cooked
You put your tongue in my mouth
              let the veggies burn!

I'd like to put us off
               a little
but, after all, the house isn't on fire
         ------  we are!

         so let's slip off
                     to quench the flame


A good-bye kiss
        you said
and it would have been
    but you put your tongue
              in my mouth

and you kiss so totally

      there's just nowhere else
        compels me to attend
                       like your touches

And so I won't turn away
       or run you off
         like I intended

               but submit


Perhaps you won't find 
me going to bed tonight.
You'll check the bathroom,
bedroom, kitchen, den.  The children,
front yard, back and
the closets, behind doors
bedroom again.

a word I'll call, and, amazed, 
you'll find me
    'neath the dinner table,
with a low light, pillow
            dressed in a smile

Pale Heart

I see you knight
  splendidly arrayed
    the poetry of loving care
  expressed in many-a-deed

It is simply
  that I admire
    who you are
  and what you're doing

Complete you are
  fire glowing, touch so light -
    hearts are lightened
  for knowing you

Long ago, feelings scared me,
  til lonliness bade me
    melt the ice
  about my heart, or die

Scarsely warmed, love claimed
  my heart for it's own
    exacting as "dowry"
  the defenses I'd known

An apt pupil for emotions,
  heart opened quickly
    the other I'd been seeking
  unknowing, suddenly found

From 2 rough histories,
  cautious, eyes opened,
    marriage not a given,
  but what we'd try to earn

Between us came a bonding
  which never can be severed
    though we grow and change
  and aren't always known.

We live in a heart-land
  of our own creating,
    accepting our differences
  delighting in our same

Most would say love encloses,
  brings two souls together
    in a union none may alter,
  or else love never was

While 'tis true that forever
  he and I continue
    we do not complete
  each others destiny

Stripped of my defenses,
  my heart remains
    a little open, and
  I do not wish it wasn't so

Perhaps you wonder if I'm
  happy, and I answer
    "Often" rather than "always" -
  to you I'd speak honestly

The marriage is a process
  our strength in our doing,
    now warmth flowing bright,
  now serenely glow

If a chill wind briefly passes
  'twixt my mate and I,
    we fear not, nor even if desires
  are imperfectly met

If I reach and find him not,
  though imperfect be my seeking,
    my heart lonely quivers
& my eyes, still peering, see

If another I perceive then
  beautiful, as you are,
    response so natural, purely felt
  I more than notice you

Stirred by feelings that
  are part of me,
    I'l neither act on, nor
  imagine them away

That my feelings could scare
  you, or compell you,
    or hurt you - fears
                  bid me silence keep

Yet, could you not gain
  a mirror, a mind touch
    in passing, to find yourself
  wiser and free?

Thus I write of your affect,
  hoping not to hurt you,
    blindly trusting   Truth to
      not abuse you

I've learned love may be felt
  for more than one other -
    love's a journey taken
an endless motion found

About us shines Forever,
  endless souls to share
    and care for one and other,
ever learning, growing, playing - as do we

With my mate, an endless encounter,
  yet a portion of my heart
    reached by your brilliance, a little
  lightened, as by a sun

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