Cochems/Zens Family History

Modern view of Cochem -- photographed by Doug Mumma

The following Cochems/Zens family history was carefully researched and written by Lois Jones over a period of several years. It is exciting, in that she was able to bridge a gap in written records in Cochem, and establish a link between two branches of the family in the US, the "Wisconsin Cochems" and the "California Cochems." I am very grateful to her for her permission to include her history on my site. All text is Copyright © Lois Jones, 2002. Images, both linked and in-line, were not part of her work, but were gathered by me from various sources. In-line images may be clicked for a larger version. I welcome additional material for the site.

  1. Historical Background
  2. Tilman Cochems
  3. Peter Nicholas Cochems, Winzer
  4. Henry Cochems, Jr., Locksmith
  5. Peter Cochems, Farmer/Cigar Maker
  6. Peter Joseph Cochems, Baker/Cigar Maker
  7. Anna Maria Cochems Zenz, Locksmith/Lodging House Keeper
  8. To America
  9. Los Angeles
  10. Epilogue