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Vol. 00 Issue 7 July 20, 2000

FORWARD  -- commentary and contributers
MUSES -- poetry and prose
FAMILY DAZE -- humorous look at the family
B. ELWIN SHERMAN -- Native American Humorist
TECH TALK -- for the non-technical
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FRIDGE DOOR -- message center
DEAR NETty -- advice column
lighthearted social commentary
GUEST PODIUM -- Articles from Guests

Contest -- The contest has ended. Thanks to all who participated. Looking back through the 12 months of entries, I was impressed by the variety and quality of submissions. Authors ranged from first-timers to professional writers, and subjects were diverse as well. The winner of the best article in Podium is Linda Fermoyle Rice, Esq. for her brilliant article on Medical Malpractice which appeared in the March 2000 edition. Winner of best short story goes to Cyanosis@Bga.Com for his Mary Asher episode "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Being Conservative" which appeared in the August 99 edition. Poetry, which is always a subjective art, is being judged by a vote from you, our readers. To see the last few poetry entries, go to Muses.

Announcement -- After nearly 5 years of publishing Messages, the staff is going to take a vacation. There will be no unique August and September issues. Regular columns will change when submitted, but not all at once. During this rest, we will be evaluating if and how we can make Messages even more pertinent and useful to our readers. Please send any suggestions to the managing editor.

Channel Chatter  -- Interractive chat info Recipes -- cooking Weather YAHOO -- search engine

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Cartoon Of The Day

Our Cartoon-of-the-Day is courtesy of Randy Glasbergen. To see dozens more of his cartoons, be sure to visit his daily cartoon page. His page also includes samples of his daily newspaper cartoon The Better Half as well as frequent contests and prizes plus a rapidly growing links list of other fun sites.

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