Our Wedding

We were married in a backyard ceremony, and wrote our own vows:

Chris:  I promise:
	To always appreciate your individuality,
	To be truthful with you,
	To include you in all facets of my life,
	To share your sorrows, as well as your joys,
	To listen to your criticism as well as your praise,
	To work with you,  rather than live life for you,
	To remember my life was incomplete before you.

Helen:  My goals are:
	Freedom together
	To become more open in letting you understand me,
	To use my time fully to better our lives,
	To seek our ways together with all my honesty, strength, 
	     imagination, and desire.
	I am marrying you for what you are now, and I'll not 
	     try to make you conform to any concepts
	I shall depend on you to share all of yourself with me; 
	     for consideration,.. and support.  I will make myself 
	     dependable also
	I shall keep no secret, harbor no disbelief in either truth 
	     or our own capacities, united in any endeavor.
	And I'll remember that between us is our bond, and though
	     we agree or disagree, it happens not in a vacumn, but
	     in the sacred land of our love.

Chris and Helen together:

	I will always fight fairly, and will never go to bed angry.
	I need you.  I will love you, and cherish your love, forever.

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