Henry Cochems, Jr., Locksmith.

by Lois Jones - December 2002

Henry Cochems, Jr. (1838-1920) was the fourth child of Henry Cochems, Sr. and Anna Maria Goebel. Apparently he was the first child of this couple to leave for America. According to the Easton, PA 1900 Census, Henry came to the U.S. in 1868. It is not known if Henry ever travelled farther west than Easton, which is located in eastern Pennsylvania on the border with New Jersey.

In the 1880 Federal Census, Henry was 42 and married to Amelia who was also 42. They lived at 650 Northampton St., Easton, PA and had a daughter Annie, age 1 3/12. In the 1890 Easton City list of families and their addresses, Henry continued to live at the Northampton Street address but Amelia and Annie are listed at a different address. In the 1900 PA Federal Census Henry was listed as a locksmith and was still living in a home at 650 Northampton St. which he owned free of mortgage. The only other person listed at this address was Katherine Brookman, Henry's housekeeper. I assume that Henry and his wife Amelia were permanently separated. I have no idea what happened to Amelia and daughter Annie. Annie would have been 21 in 1900 and perhaps married. Knowing that children often lived in the same neighborhood as their parents, I checked nearby Easton addresses for an Annie of this age but there was none.

According to the 1910 Federal Census, there was a Henry Cochems living in Easton, PA and now married to Anna who was 59. In the 1920 Federal Census Henry, now 81, continued to live at 650 Northampton St. and to work as a locksmith. The census also indicated Henry had never become a citizen.

Henry died on August 17, 1920. Henry was the second to last sibling to die. The last sibling to die, Anna Mary Cochems Zenz passed away almost 6 weeks after Henry on September 29, 1920.

The following is an inventory and appraisal of Henry's possessions as prepared for his estate:

In west room, front, second floor

One couch, one table, 2 window screens, 2 chairs, 1 rocker, 1 bureau, contents of bureau, 1 mirror, 1 brush, 2 trunks and contents, window shades, all of a total value of $5.00.

In west room, rear, second floor

1 sewing machine, 1 sideboard, range, 1 table, 3 chairs, 1 wringer, 1 clock, 1 table, 2 large plates, 1 shovel, 1 small mirror, 4 pairs of curtains, china, glasswear, rope, umbrella, sideboard and contents, mouslin, etc., all of a total value of $10.00.

In the east room, front, second floor

Clothes closet, 1 bed, 3 chairs, etc., all of a total value of $5.00.

In the east room, rear, second floor

Bureau, clock, 3 chairs, wash stand, screens, etc., all of a total value of $5.00.

In the kitchen, rear, on second floor

Coal stove, oil stove, gas stove, cupboard, mirror, table, clock, etc., all of the value of $5.00.

Contents of closet on the second floor - $2.00.

Contents of the attic

Ten strips of rag carpet, rugs, window screens, trunks and contents, etc., all of the value of $10.00.

Contents of the workshop, on first floor

Tools, keys, contents of closets, locks, knives, etc., all of a value of $63.00.

Cash found in coat pocket - $20.00.

6 Shares Northampton National Bank Stock - $1200.00.

Henry's real estate was described as Lot 25 X 110 -- 650 Northampton St.

2 SF 24 X 24 Shop ISF IIX 30. The real estate was appraised for $3000.00.

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