Resume of Chris Cochems


    Novell Systems Administration, or Systems Engineering with an emphasis on computer technology, networking, requirements analysis, and system definition.


    Progressively more challenging positions in systems engineering and requirements analysis. Extensive computer background beginning with Zilog Z80. Conversant with PC DOS, Windows, UNIX, NOVA and Macintosh operating systems. CNA and CNE training with emphasis on TCP/IP and NFS. Comfortable with technical design, documentation, marketing, proposals, management and customer interface. Proficient in HTML coding and some CGI scripting.

    9/96 - PRESENT: The Diamond Lane

    1/94 - 1/96: CalWest Publications

    11/92 - 12/93: Aydin Corporation (Staff to President)

    1/86 - 8/92: Litton ATD (System Engineer)

    10/79 - 1/86: Dalmo Victor (System Engineer)

    8/78 - 10/79: Ford Aerospace (Engineer)

    10/74 - 8/78: Hughes Aircraft (Senior Technician)


    MILITARY: Honorably discharged, USNR 12/11/67. Vietnam era Veteran.

    CLEARANCE: Secret
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