The TunaClan Workshop

Helen is still pursuing her career in retail. Chris and Chuck are available to consult on various aspects of the net, and to develop HTML and CGI scripts. The following services (and links to examples of our work) are available:

  • Authoring for personal or commercial home pages. We publish a monthly newsletter called /MSG's from the 40's. The content is gathered from many places, but the HTML is all ours. You may also like to look at one of our columns as an example of what we do. We have even found one legitimate use for the <BLINK> tag.
  • We can also do your custom graphic design and layout. We can turn your information and ideas into an effective Web presence.
  • We do custom forms and CGI scripting. Here is a fully functional comment form you can use to request further information.
  • Internet tutoring, including Usenet News, IRC, FTP, Gopher, WWW, Talk, TFTP, FSP and more. For an example you may read our article on privacy on the Internet.
  • We also do some public service work. Visit our Chornobyl 10th Anniversary Page.

    Between Chris and Chuck, we have experience in the following operating systems and languages:

    • PC DOS
    • Windows
    • UNIX
    • NOVELL
    • NOVA
    • Macintosh
    • HTML
    • PASCAL
    • C
    • Assembler (Nova, Z80 and others)
    • PERL

    Contact us if you are interested in our services.

    Chris' Resume

    Helen's Resume

    Chuck's Resume

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