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I am often known by my IRC nick, ChrisTuna, which was chosen because my name is actually Chris and I love to fish, especially for tuna. I have been lucky enough to make three 10 day trips to Baja California, fishing.

I am a 3rd generation native Californian (a rare species indeed) and am 51 years old. I was born in San Jose, near San Francisco on September 12, 1947. I am happily married to my first wife, Helen, and the usually proud parent of three kids (Chuck, 32, David, 30 and Desire', 30. I currently reside in the city of Hayward, although I have lived in the Los Angeles area as well.

Upon graduation from high school, I spent two years on an aircraft carrier, then another two years as a merchant seaman. While at sea, I visited Japan, the Philipines, Hong Kong, Viet Nam and Panama, as well as several US port cities. Indeed, the ocean and travel have always been part of me.

Most of my career has been in aerospace, as an Electronic Warfare systems engineer. During that time, I was able to travel extensively, including Germany, Turkey, Egypt and Greece. Unfortunately, my peace dividend was unemployment, and I worked in magazine distribution, then was off of work due to a back injury. I am now employed as system admin and webmaster for an Internet Service Provider. I speak a little German, and have studied Latin and French. Cross-cultural communication is of great interest to me, and ties in well with my love of travel.

My hobbies include computers (obviously), especially Photoshop and the Internet. Photography. Did I mention fishing? Guitar (mostly folk and blues), movies, cooking, various crafts (stained glass, woodworking, coin jewelry), reading (especially poetry ), and getting to know people. I even do a little writing.

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